Art Gallery

The Art Hotel Al Fagiano has been refurbished and designed by Rossella Faggian, artist and hotel co-owner. In the hotel you can find some of her works, almost all with clear inspiration to man, woman and their union.

Rossella Faggian was born in Padua on September 11th of 1964. In 2000, driven by the desire to follow her internal emotions, began her improvised career as an artist.

The style of the artist is based on a “figurative painting reworked”. It is an art that crosses all the avant-garde, all styles, to understand each element to be reworked in an original way by techniques based on the recovery of materials.

“Love and art do not embrace what is beautiful, but that thanks to their embrace becomes beautiful? (Karl Kraus)”

If you are interested in the collection of Rossella Faggian, please contact us.