Visit Padua

A strategic position for visiting the city

The Art Hotel Al Fagiano is located right in the center of the city of Padua, in a strategic position to visit the city and its attractions.

Staying at the Hotel Al Fagiano our guests can visit Padua, its monuments, its squares, its churches and its buildings without having to use the car, moving on foot or by public transport.

The hotel reception staff will provide a map of Padua and will be able to indicate and advise how to reach the places of greatest historical and artistic interest.

As soon as you leave the hotel, turning the corner, you can visit the Basilica di Sant'Antonio, a destination for pilgrims by believers and devotees of Sant'Antonio, patron of the city of Padua.

Less than 200 meters from the hotel is also the Prato della Valle, the largest of the squares in Padua, and one of the largest in Europe.

About 2 minutes walk from the hotel is the Botanical Garden of Padua, the oldest university botanical garden in the world.

Always on foot, in less than 10 minutes, you can reach the heart of the historic center of Padua, or its famous squares: Piazza dei Signori, Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza della Frutta.

It is also possible to admire Palazzo della Ragione and Palazzo del Capitanio, the nearby Palazzo del Bo, home of the University of Padua, and stop for a coffee at Caffè Pedrocchi, the famous "café without doors".
Also in this area of ​​the city you can also admire the Duomo and the Baptistery of Padua in Piazza Duomo.

For art lovers, do not miss the frescoes of Giotto's Last Judgment in the Scrovegni Chapel, which is only a few minutes away from the hotel.

For guests wishing to visit the surroundings of Padua, the hotel staff will indicate how to reach the nearby Euganean Hills and the famous Venetian Villas in the municipalities of the Province of Padua and the Riviera del Brenta.

Padua is also a strategic point to visit Venice and Palladio's masterpieces in Vicenza, places that can be easily reached in less than 30 minutes by car or train.





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